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we've already been and tested a whole bunch of stuff so we can guarantee that you'll only get to try out the best stuff - if you're not happy, we'll give you your money back!


remember, as soon as you're booked we'll guide you every step of the way and also make sure you leave with fantastic photos and videos to share with your friends - even if we have to dangle out of a window to get the best pic!


so help us to get you started making the most out of your free time in london - we're as excited as you are!


Approved Juego

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Go Joustin´

Go full Heath Ledger
Lets get you on an ultimate jousting experience day super soon!

Go Climbin´

Spider pig, spider pig...
All you need is an induction to keep you safe and you're away

Go Rallyin´

No way was that out! 
Beginners tennis won't cost a lot of murray, lets get you started!

Go Fencin´

Swashbuckling Indeed
Be ready for impromptu duels on the tube with this 6 week beginner fencing package


Go Punchin´

It's the eye of the tiger...
Unpack your lunch box'ing and get fit super quick

Go Singin´

The hills are alive...
With the sound of warbling! Learn how to unleash your inner Elvis, Dion, Katy B or Stormzy

Go Tacklin´

Anyone can get involved with the family friendly cousin of NFL - flag football

Go Paintin´

Get to use the big brushes
Once you've learned the easy strokes Banksy will have nothing on you


Go Forgin´

Stop. Hammer time
Channel your inner fire-starter into bespoke gifts and some really hot stuff!

Go Paddlin´

PTO: please turn over
Become a kayak ninja in no time, or simply canoe gently to your hearts content around the canals

Go Sailin´

Kiss me Hardy...
Admiral Nelson would be proud to have you join with fleet after a day out on one of his wee-schooners!

Go Snappin´

Become the king of Instagram
New followers will flock to pledge their allegiance to you after this super short workshop


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